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I am often asked for my advice and for resources . . . everything from behavior modification . . . to nutrition . . . to holistic Veterinary care. Here is a start. I will keep adding to these resources and if you have some requests please let me know.


If you have further requests or questions please contact LaRee at

Behavior Modification

Dog Obedience, small groups more personal attention and one on one behavior modification:  Carol Manley 218-828-8656



The domestic dogs DNA is almost Identical to the wolf, the wolf is relatively healthy compared to most domestic dogs.  In fact, the wolf even though it spends 100% of it’s time outside, does not suffer with Lyme.  The wolf, typically does not die from heart worm disease, even though they are not on any prevent.  Research concludes the main reason is diet.  Nature provides everything the wolf needs to maintain a healthy immune system.  wolves eat a raw diet that is high in protein and low in carb.  Roughly, 4% carbohydrates.  The typical domestic dog diet contains roughly 45% carbs, and some grain free options maybe as high as 55%, high carbohydrates can increase blood glucose levels, contributing to yeast infections, skin or ear infections, metabolic changes such as type II diabetes.


Some healthy options are:  made right her in Minnesota, offers a freeze-dried raw option, just add water.  Dr. Harvey a Veterinarian who was fed up with Pet food options, started his own line of healthy foods.  Is based out of Seattle Wa, and offers a healthy alternative to processed food. 


Holistic Veterinary Care

Pequot Lakes Veterinary clinic, Dr. Deb Brown offers both western and Chinese medicine.  a holistic Veterinarian, that is a wealth of information.  Check out her book “Needles to Nature.”


Dr. Ron Schultz, the leading Veterinary immunologist, teaches at the University of Wisconsin, and is brought in by vaccine manufactures to oversea their vaccine studies, has some eye opening information of vaccines and the over use of them as it relates to disease.

Dr. William Faulkner, DVM, classical homeopathic veterinarian, has a wealth of information on his website anything from the importance of a healthy diet, important side effects of flea and tick prevention, natural Heartworm prevention options, as well as homeopathic remedies.

Veterinarian Directory

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